Seaport Marine Surveys, Inc. is uniquely suited to provide expert marine and cargo surveying. Since our inception in 1985, we have taken great pride in the working partnerships we've forged with our clients and are dedicated to ensuring their needs are met. 

Our highly-trained, expert staff of marine surveyors, laboratory technicians, and samplers are prepared to survey, inspect, sample and analyze to meet your bulk cargo needs. Seaport Marine can ensure that your cargo specifications are maintained, that bio-security protocols are observed, and that the vessels provided to carry your cargo are clean and adequate for the intended voyage. We can provide necessary documentation and certificates, including Certificates of Cleanliness, Certificates of Analysis, Transportable Moisture Limit, and Certificates of Weight.

Our Experience helps ensure that Your Cargo arrives safely and in good order.



Christopher Morrison, BA

Christopher started his career at Seaport Marine in 2001 as a cargo sampler, and started surveying in the late 00's prior to his promotion in managing internal affairs.  In 2011, he graduated from Washington State University with a double Bachelor of Arts in Humanities & Creative Media and Digital Culture.
As a protégé to his father, Capt. Peter J. Morrison, Christopher specialized in Australian and New Zealand importing requirements with a focus on product pathways from manufacturing, storage, domestic transport, and international export. 
Most recently, he has provided immeasurable assistance to vessel owners and crew members on cleaning routines and guidelines for sensitive cargoes.

As of  2023, he serves on the Board of Directors for Maritime Safety & Fire Association (MFSA).
Tara Blake

Tara started her career in 2000 as a customs broker for ship spares prior to being approached by North American Shipping Agencies and offered as position as an administration and accounting assistant.  Her role at NASA quickly evolved into her regularly boarding vessels performing agency duties and customs paperwork, tasks she would continue to do at PNW Ship and Cargo Services.
She joined Seaport Marine in 2006 as a cargo sampler and promptly advanced into her current role as a surveyor.  Her attention to detail has been an invaluable asset for ship cleanliness, calculating liquid fertilizer cargoes, and performing draft surveys.
Bill Castleberry

Prior to joining Seaport Marine, Bill spent 15 years as an operations manager for Office Depot.  His duties included training all regional Store and Assistant Store Managers; managing multiple sectors of internal operations; overseeing renovation and construction projects of multiple Office Depot locations.
In 2010, he was acquired by Seaport Marine and spent almost 10 years under the tutelage of Capt. Peter J. Morrison.  His training encompassed the whole gamut of Marine Surveying duties and responsibilities.
Never hesitating to ask questions or sacrifice integrity, and by providing complete transparency, Bill has garnered respect in the industry and nurtured international connections as a result.
Alexander Morrison, BA
Junior Surveyor

Alexander has worked in a variety of positions while employed in the maritime industry and has a thorough knowledge of ship cleanliness and cargo standards.
Starting in 2005, he worked as a hydro-blaster for West Coast Marine Cleaning, Inc. as well as a shop hand assistant while analyzing cargo and making vessel deliveries for Seaport Marine Surveys, Inc.
In 2012, Alexander worked as a cargo analyst for SGS Mineral Division in Portland, OR.
In 2016, Alexander worked again as a hydro-blaster for Tidal Transport and Trading, LLC. for two years until he graduated with his Associate of Arts degree from Clark Community College.
In 2023, he graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Arts in German Art & Literature.
Johnathan Munoz

Preceding his employment at Seaport Marine, Jonathan established his role in the maritime industry as a Marine Surveyor for SGS in 2017.
His role in the company was versatile and required him to be flexible to ever-changing responsibilities and tasks.  As a result, Jonathan acquired a wealth of knowledge in a laboratory (as an analyst of minerals and concentrates) and aboard vessels (performing a broad range of marine surveys such as draught, condition, and bunker surveys).
His variety of skills and reliability has made him a beneficial asset to Seaport Marine and continue to do so since joining our team in 2021.

Carl Wang

Since 1994, Carl has been involved in the marine industry.  He started his career in China as a junior surveyor at SGS and worked his way through to senior management in 2006.
He eventually immigrated to the United States in 2012 where  he maintained his seniority with SGS  out of Mobile, Alabama. 
Carl continued to further himself and fulfilled a management position of SGS' minerals division in Portland, Oregon.
With experience spanning over multiple decades and the ability to quickly adapt to any situation, Carl's role in our company since 2018 has been vital in keeping our competitive edge.


Inspecting grain-based stockfeed and bi-products in Aberdeen, WA since 2008.

RuthAnn Pierce

Lead Sampler

Travis Springer


Melissa Springer



Seaport Marine Surveys, Inc. is proud to oversee and protect over 5 million tons of cargo consignments annually.



Capt. Peter J. Morrison,

March 7, 1952 - September 4, 2019

Capt. Peter J. Morrison was a graduate of Leith Nautical College and certified Master Mariner. After sailing aboard general cargo vessels and bulk carriers, he began his career as a surveyor. Capt. Morrison was an expert in bulk cargoes as well as a specialist in bio-security for fertilizers and other raw materials being imported into Australia. He provided his staff with a wealth of knowledge, his expertise was invaluable, and his impact was felt around the industry.

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