Mineral Concentrate

Seaport Marine Surveys, Inc. hosts a mineral concentration laboratory in the Port of Portland. With this machinery, we are able to determine pre-loading moistures, moisture limits for shipping, flow points, and transportable moisture limits. We also are capable of getting the shipment samples ready for assembly.

Scales and Computer Mixer and Flow Point Station 300C Laboratory Ovens Mill Grinder and Splitter


Scales and Computer Using an intricate operating system, after weighing the mineral product, we are able to catalogue the sample with a unique identification number. This method allows us to efficiently retrieve any and all information regarding that specific sample.
Mixer and Flow Point Station This machinery is used to determine that the minerals are properly homogenized prior to loading. Our flow point station and mixer gives us the ability to determine the lowest moisture content at which liquefaction can occur.
Laboratory Ovens Our ovens operate at a maximum 300C (30C min.) and allow for excellent temperature uniformity due to the continuous air movement throughout the chamber. These insulated machines are used to determine moisture by comparing wet and dry weight of the intended cargo.
Pick Mill Grinder and Rotary Sample Divider Using a ring and puck system alongside a specially designed motor which swings the components at a precise speed and distance for maximum grinding efficiency. Our ten station splitter allows for a more accurate method of extracting representative samples without the chance of human error.