Terminal and Loading Facility Inspections

Seaport Marine Surveys, Inc. surveyors inspect both fertilizer and feed stock facilities for general cleanliness and also specifically for DAFF & MAF Bio Security Protocols.

DAFF is the Australian Department of Agriculture Fisheries & Forestry of which Seaport Marine Surveys, Inc. is an approved third party surveyor.

MAF is the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of which Seaport Marine Surveys, Inc is an IVA (Independent Verification Authority) and conducts pre-loading audit and inspections prior to vessels loading for Australia and New Zealand.

Hi-Reach Inspection Damaged Cargo Hold Hatch Failure Materials Loading Belt Inspection

Cleanliness Inspect loading facility for cleanliness and review loading history for actionable cleaning procedures if required. Previous cargoes are documented during this process.
DAFF Compliance and
MAF IVA Audits
In order to comply with DAFF and MAF regulations, a strict inspection is made of the production facilities and storage warehouses, especially with regard to temperature ranges for feed stock. Avian and rodent intrusion for both fertilizer and feed stock is also inspected. After ensuring the preceding protocols are met, the loading may commence and appropriate documentation can be issued.
Barge and Railcar Inspections Cleanliness of vessel, barge, and rail cars is determined using DAFF/MAF Bio Security protocols. Cargo shipments, if required, are sampled, secured, and shipped to an independent third party laboratory as ordered. Results of analysis received from the laboratory are then documented as necessary per contact or letter of credit.
Casualty Investigations Seaport Marine Surveys, Inc. also offers services in terms of cargo and vessel damages or personal injuries. We can determine the nature, cause and extent of damage due to cargo shift; provide associated costs, including cost of repair; examine accident locations; supervise cargo transfers; and provide adequate documentation pertaining to the incident.