Laboratory Analysis and Certificates

Seaport Marine Surveys, Inc. can provide services in both dry and liquid cargoes. At our field laboratory, we can test for bulk densities, granularity, moisture content, specific gravity, and pH balances of cargo.

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Dry Cargo Our samplers are well trained to sample a variety of cargo during loading or discharge. These samples are split and composited as required. Sample can be taken by a variety of methods, including an Extended 500ml Sampler or sample probes.
Liquid Cargo Our samplers are trained to sample liquid cargo prior to loading or discharge. Samples are taken either with a compositing bottle sample over the full tank height or a zone sampler for top and/or full bottom samples.

Once taken the individual samples can be proportionally composited, bottled, and prepared for shipment to a specified laboratory. Specific Gravity and pH of samples can be immediately determined in our field laboratories.
Certificates Once all sampling and testing is completed, Seaport Marine Surveys, Inc. can issue all required documentation. Upon completion, necessary certificates can be delivered to our customers via email or UPS Next Day Air and World Wide Express Service.