Serving Ports of the Northwest and Beyond

Your Cargo. Our Experience.

Who We Are:

Seaport Marine Surveys, Inc., established in 1985 in Vancouver, Washington, is a commercial marine surveying company providing services to various companies around the world. Our highly-trained, expert staff of marine surveyors, laboratory technicians, and samplers are prepared to survey, inspect, sample and analyze your cargo. We are an all-encompassing company and can provide all necessary documentation and certificates for your shipping needs.

Services Provided:


Cargo Hold Cleanliness
Bunker Quantity
Tanker Surveys
Vessel Draft Surveys

Terminal and Loading Facilities
DAFF Compliance Audits
MAF IVA Audits
Barge and Railcars
Casualty Investigations
Analysis and Certificates

Dry Cargo
Liquid Cargo
Mineral Concentrate

Pre-Load Moisture
Moisture Limits
Flow Point